Natural Shaving Cream

Aloe Vera plant - Best natural shaving cream
Aloe Vera plant - Best natural shaving cream

What is the best alternative to shaving cream?

Aloe Vera.


You might ask why would anyone need an alternative to shaving cream.

Well I have a few reasons. Sensitive skin, an aversion to being ripped off and I like the idea of nature prepackaging all the compounds I need for a task within a plant.

I have tried several alternatives including naturals like coconut oil and other products like soap, moisturiser, body lotion and conditioner. Aloe Vera is the best I have found so far.

Criteria for a good natural shaving cream

  • Natural
  • Transparent so you can see what your doing
  • Non-irritating so your skin doesn’t react
  • Lubricating so that you don’t cut yourself
  • Improves your skin
  • Easy to wash off
  • Inexpensive

Sourcing it

If you already have a large Aloe Vera plant then you don’t need to read this section.

I don’t so I buy my Aloe Vera.

Not all Aloe Vera products are created equal. I used to buy a ‘100% Aloe Vera gel’ that contained a bunch of other ingredients that made up the ‘gel’. It worked, however not as well and I needed to use more.

I now check the labels and buy one that says ‘Aloe Vera inner leaf juice equiv. to fresh 974 mg/g’. That works out to 97.4% Aloe Vera. 99.5% cold pressed Aloe Vera is also available.

All products will have a couple stabilisers but the main takeaway is that you want a product with a really high percentage of Aloe Vera. Also some products contain stabilsers that aren’t natural so if you want a wholly natural shaving cream pay close attention to the label.

With the high purity Aloe Vera pretty much the smallest amount I can squeeze out of the tube is enough for my daily shave. A tube lasts a long time.


Aloe Vera meets all my criteria for a Natural Shaving Cream. I rarely get shaving cuts, my skin never gets irritated and it costs me less than the products I used to buy to do the same job.

If you are looking for a natural shaving cream or an alternative to shaving cream, I recommend giving Aloe Vera a try.